hillary miller, artist

Custom, Hand-Painted Tallit • Watercolor, Oil & Silk Painting

Art Services by Hillary Miller


Do you like what you see but you haven't found exactly what you want? Hillary is available for commissions! If you have been unsuccessful in finding that right piece, you can commission a custom work that you specifically desire. The artwork is personal and unique, and is created especially for you. Owning an original work of art is a pleasurable, enjoyable experience.

The fastest way to get started is to give Hillary a call (714) 528-3675 to discuss your ideas. We’ll work together to collect the information I need to create a beautiful piece of art according to your personal vision. Or, you may email Hillary to discuss what you're looking for.

For example:


Add color and life to your products with Hillary’s artwork. Hillary’s images are available for a variety of licensing applications. Please call (714) 528-3675 or email Hillary if you would like more info.

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